Re: Braidwood Advantages Memo

From: Steve Biller (
Date: Thu May 19 2005 - 04:30:30 CDT

  A couple comments:
  1) I'm not sure how "innovative" a two-region design actually
     is (in fact, I AM sure.... it's not). We may have come up
     with a nice way of using it, but that's another matter.
     "Innovative use of" might be better, but we should re-think
     the wording a bit.
  2) Under "Deep near detector" on page 2, I thought we agreed
     to expunge the words "weak mixing angle" from our discussions
     of elastic scattering. We could just say measurement of
     the ES cross section at these energies, or exploration
     of neutrino couplings... Peter had a pretty clear suggestion
     for this which we should adopt throughout.
  3) Another advantage of the large detectors, which we haven't
     really mentioned, is that the volume is large enough that
     we ought to be able to really see the fall-off in radioactive
     backgrounds (and even penetrating neutrons) as you move further
     into the volume from the acrylic wall. We certainly found
     this to be a big advantage for SNO and I'm sure this ability
     will lend itself to a variety of important cross-checks.
  4) Another thing we discussed a while back but aren't really
     pushing here is the ability to re-deploy all detectors to
     the far site in the event theta13 turns out to be very small.
     This is a straight-forward path to a Reactor II scenario
     for us which is impossible for double-Chooz and could not
     be done at Daya Bay without building more detectors. I agree
     with Peter that we should try to make the sensitivity curve
     for shape-only look a bit more reasonable at the higher end,
     but perhaps we should do so and show such a plot?
  5) The potential for also having one of the best SN detectors
     on account of our shield mass might be nice to get in,
     however this will clearly depend on what shield design we
     ultimately go with, and that's not decided. Therefore,
     I'm not sure if this should belong in this list, but it may
     be worth thinking about how it might be worked in somewhere
     with an appropriate qualifier.
                                           - Steve

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