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The part that discusses ES is understated. The NuTeV effect may be a result of the existence of right-handed neutrinos, a possibility that isn't allowed in the standard model. A measurement of ES is an important alternate way of measuring the effects of neutrino mass on the standard model coupling constants. It's an important advantage for Braidwood, and should be highlighted in a separate paragraph, perhaps a summary section of the document. (I don't really understand the fuss, but I would agree we refer to the coupling constants, rather than the weak mixing angle.)

However, the deep near detector is part of the "baseline" because we want to calibrate detectors in conditions that have backgrounds similar to those of the far shafts. We may want to be careful in this paragraph to make certain that the reader doesn't misinterpret the deep shaft as something added specifically for ES measurements.

The introduction has many typos, but I'm not happy with the message either:
I don't believe we're doing Braidwood because it's cost-effective and timely, but because it's the only viable way to make this difficult measurement. We know that we will do the best measurement possible at Braidwood. The competition will need to explain why research funds should be allocated for anything less. They must rely on estimates of systematic errors, whereas Braidwood will measure its systematic effects. I believe this is the motivation for Braidwood, and we need to spell it out in this introductory paragraph.

Just as in baseball, baselines don't change. To change a baseline is an oxymoron. So are we really happy to say that we will live with this description for the entire life of the experiment? Why do we think it's necessary?


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> Hi,
> Ed, Janet and I have put together a short memo that tries to
> lay out the advantages of the Braidwood experiment (without
> direct comparisons to other experiments.) I was hoping that
> we could put this on the web page and use it as an outline
> for preparing the NuSAG presentation.
> Take a look and let us know your comments and suggestions.
> Mike

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