Braidwood Collaboration Phone Conf and Meeting

From: Mike Shaevitz (
Date: Sun Mar 20 2005 - 16:31:58 CST

Dear Braidwooders,

As you know, HEPAP and NSAC have been asked by DOE and NSF to set up a new
review committee for neutrino experiments called NuSAG. We were hoping to
get information so that we could start to plan on how we will prepare for
the expected reviews and questions. As of now, we have the charge (see
attachment) that states that NUSAG should address reactor, double-beta, and
accelerator neutrino experiments and produce a report by June 2005. This is
a very fast time scale so one would expect that things will move ahead
rather rapidly.

It, therefore, seems like now is a good time for us to start a series of
meetings leading up to the expected reviews. As a start, it is proposed
that we set up the following meetings:

Phone Conference Tuesday April 5 from 11 am - 1pm

Collaboration Meeting at Fermilab April 29 - 30
April 29 morning reserved for sub-group meetings
April 29 afternoon (1pm - 6pm) Full collaboration meeting
April 30 morning (8am - 1pm) Contd. collaboration meeting

Please let us know if there are problems with these dates or if you have
any suggestions or comments.

Mike and Ed

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