From: Matthew Worcester <>
Date: Wed Jun 02 2004 - 15:16:18 CDT

Hi all,

        We now have a CVS repository at Chicago for mwtheta13 code.
Currently the only code in the repository is Tim's ReactorFsim based on
the 12/5/03 code with some small updates. The repository is open for
anyone on the group to check out code and check new code back in.

        To get started you should send your username on the system from
which you plan to login to CVS to me ( I will
then send you a password for the CVS system. You will not exist as a
user on the CVS server here at Chicago, so there is nothing for you to
maintain on this end. You should then look at the basic CVS site that I
have linked to the mwtheta13 webpage:

        In a few days we will be tagging the current code and adding a
significant amount of new code which makes the simulation able to handle
many processes and particles per event, including Cf source neutrons. If
you have any small changes that you think should be added before we tag
the current code, please let us know soon. If you have any questions,
please email me.

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