RE: stability of Gd-LS

From: Dick Hahn (
Date: Thu May 26 2005 - 14:54:48 CDT

The question was raised in our phone call about the experiences at Chooz and
Palo Verde vis--vis what we have seen in test samples over a period ~200
days. Here is the information that I have about their Gd-LS:

In Chooz, Gd(NO3)$_3$ salt was simply dissolved in alcohol, which in turn
was dissolved in the organic liquid scintillator. Subsequently, it was
observed that the attenuation length of the Gd-LS decreased with time at a
rapid rate, 0.4\% per day or >100\% per year. In time, Chooz had to be
terminated because of obvious yellowing of their Gd-LS.
At Palo Verde, a carboxylate complex of Gd that was soluble in the organic
liquid scintillator was used, yielding Gd-LS that aged at a much slower
rate, 0.03\% per day or ~10$\%$ per year

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