Re: A 'Moving' Discussion

From: Hans Jostlein (
Date: Fri Apr 15 2005 - 12:00:39 CDT

Thanks for taking on this task, Steve

I am very interested to join this sub group effort.
However, on Wed 4/20 I won't be at the lab.
Next week for sure!


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Subject: A 'Moving' Discussion

> Hi all,
> Following the last Braidwood call, Jon and I would like to host
> a discussion concerning the moveable detector cross-check. The
> focus of this discussion is NOT to alter the basic experimental
> design or remove any capabilities, but to raise potential
> criticism that might be levelled at the concept and understand
> how to address these in the context of a review. Anyone interested
> in this discussion is welcomed to join in. We have tentatively
> scheduled this for next Wed (the 20th) at 9:30 Central time.
> Jon will send out another email confirming the details and
> giving the dial-up phone number.
> - Steve

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