RE: Sensitivity for the Baseline

From: Steven Biller <>
Date: Thu Sep 09 2004 - 13:20:03 CDT

  Ok, here's an interesting scenario:
We run in the default configuration for
2 years, at which point (according to John's
numbers) rate and spectrum measurements
will be comparable and we'll start running
into the wall as far as what can be done
with pure rate. Hopefully, we'll also have
obtained enough data for thetaW. What if we
don't see anything much? ==> Pull back ALL
4 detectors to the far location and crank
away for another 3 years. I fully appreciate
that there are systematics with spectrum that
would really need to be looked at but, in
principle, how well could we do?? I'd imagine
much better than anyone else... this may be
a VERY attractive option to flog since, in
the absence of a detection, we'd be the only
show in town! The practical consequences of
this for the shorter term are that, perhaps,
we should plan 4 rooms at the far site as
part of the baseline. Jon - it'd be fun to
see those 'in-principle' numbers for the
equivalent of 16 detector module-years at
the far site... is that easy to knock off?
                                   - Steve
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