Would you be intersted in joining VSPLAT?

From: Janet Conrad <conrad@nevis.columbia.edu>
Date: Fri Aug 06 2004 - 21:54:13 CDT

Hi Midwest-reactor-Folk,

I have attached a draft copy of the proposal we are developing for
VSPLAT, in case you are interested
in looking at it before the next group meeting. I mean it when I
say draft -- there pieces
missing and a few notes-to-self indicated by an "xxx" in the text. But
it is sufficiently complete for
you to see the idea. The primary goal, which is the spallation
measurement, is the same as in the
previous version. We have tried to flesh out the R&D aspects. We have
also added an idea for a
Beyond-Standard-Model search which will be led by Heather Ray from LANL.

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

VSPLAT is planned to be a loose collaboration of members of VLAND and
the Midewest Reactor group.
At the moment, only LANL and Columbia are involved. Please consider
joining us -- there are
interesting projects available for two or three more groups. LANL is
providing the VLAND detector,
DAQ, and some logistical support (LANL does not request any funding in
this proposal). Columbia will
purchase and test the phototubes requested in the proposal. This leaves
several interesting projects, including
the muon tracker system, Gd purification studies, and developing
methods to clean the detector. Also,
there are analysis related projects including developing the Monte
Carlo and the analysis code. There are
also logistics jobs, like developing the installation plan for the
acrylic balloon and overseeing the installation at the
underground site. Please let me know if you are interested.

The request is for about $230k over 3 years. It would be best to reduce
this cost if possible. Please read
with this in mind.

The plan is to submit this proposal to NSF. The due date for standard
proposals is Sept. 29.
If it is submitted as an MRI, it is due in January. According to Dick
Boyd, the MRI is an attractive option
because proposals under $800k compete only within PHY and the funding
for MRIs is "well protected".
However, I have several worries with regard to an MRI:
* while VSPLAT is a nice measurement for the money, I wonder if it is
exciting enough for an MRI.
      (Dick Boyd noted that Heather's new physics search was a neat
idea, but there is substantial work needed
      to demonstrate that it is feasible. Can we complete that by January?)
* if we receive the MRI, the money would not flow until June. It
would be best to get funding earlier, if possible.
    On the other hand, I think we will get all of the money at once
rather than over 3 years.
It isn't clear to me whether an MRI or standard proposal is best.

Thank you very much for your thoughts.


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