Draft Outline of Engineering/R&D Proposal

From: Mike Shaevitz <shaevitz@nevis.columbia.edu>
Date: Thu Aug 05 2004 - 09:44:32 CDT

Reminder: Collaboration Meeting at Fermilab Wed. August 11 from 9am to 5pm
(11th floor Racetrack Conf. Room)

Dear Braidwood Collaborators,

We have put together some more details for preparing our R&D/Engineering
proposal. Below we give a draft outline with names of writers and
readers and page allocations. The plan is to submit the NSF proposal
through the University of Chicago with Ed as PI along with a list of
co-PIs. From our discussions with the NSF, having a list of up to four
co-PIs will allow us to have an increased page limit of possibly 35
pages for the Project Description. (Negotiations on these details are
being worked out with NSF and will be reported at the meeting.)

We don't have much time before the proposal due date on Sept. 29, so it
is important for writers to get started as soon as possible. At the
Aug. 11 collaboration meeting, we would like to have reports from the
writers giving an outline or even better some initial text. Discussions
of the overall outline and plan along with suggestions for the sections
will also be a major topic at the meeting.

Ed and Mike

Principle Investigator List
PI: Ed Blucher
Co-PIs: Tim Bolton, Maury Goodman, Josh Klein, Mike Shaevitz

Page limit: 10 + 5*5 = 35 pages

In the outline below the page allocations are in ().

For each topic, there is a primary writer who is to organize the writing
and a set of readers who are to work with the writers by giving feedback.
Of course, periodically the text will be sent to the full collaboration
for comment, corrections, and suggestions.

Outline for Proposal
1) Introduction and Physics Case (4)
- Neutrino Osc Status and Next Steps (Writer: Blucher Reader: Shaevitz) (1)
- Reactor experiment contributions and comparisons (1)
  (Writer: Shaevitz Reader: Blucher)
- Elastic scattering measurements: weak mixing angle,magnetic moments (2)
  (Writer: Formaggio, Reader: Conrad, Fisher)

2) Strategy of the Measurement to Reach sin2(2th13)~0.01 (7)
- Overview of Braidwood Experiment (1) (Writer: Shaevitz, Reader: Pilcher)
      * statistical and systematic uncertainties
      * Table of uncertainties
      * Optimizations
- Backgrounds (2) (Writer: Bolton, Reader: Biller,Roe)
      * Sources and rates in near vs far detector
      * Contribution to near/far comparison uncertainty
- Relative detector acceptance systematics (2) (Writer: Klein, Reader:
      * Calibrations
        o Source calibrations
        o In-situ spallation calibrations
        o Cosmic-ray calibrations
      * Two vs. three region design
- Cross checks and Redundancies (2) (Writer: Link, Reyna; Reader:
Stefanski, Conrad)
      * Moving Detectors
      * Multiple Detectors
      * External Measurements
- Questions that need to be answered and Proposed R&D (2)
      (Writer: Blucher,Stanton, Reader: Bolton)

3) Proposed Engineering for Cost and Schedule Determination (15)
- Civil engineering (Writer: Link, Reader: Finley,Laughton)
      * Description of Braidwood and layout (1)
      * Current baseline design, cost, and schedule (1)
      * Proposed civil engineering needed for proposal design report (4)
- Detector engineering
      * Description of current baseline detector (2)
        (Writer: Goodman, Reyna, Reader: Bartozek,Jostlein)
      * Proposed detector engineering needed for proposal design report (4)
        (Writer: Goodman, Reyna, Reader: Bartozek,Jostlein)
      * Liquid scintillator and material issues and Proposed R&D (3)
        (Writer: Hahn, Reader: Stanton)

4) Outreach (2) (Writer: Roe, Reader: Shaevitz)
- Opportunities in short term?
- Put forward a plan for final experiment

5) Summary: (5) (Writer: Blucher, Shaevitz, Reader: Stefanski)
- Collaboration Tasks and Schedule
   including results from previous NSF (or DOE) support
- Cost Estimate Table for R&D/Engineering

List of Longer Documents for the Web:
1) Braidwood Civil Engineering
2) Current Detector Engineering
3) Gd Loader Scintillator R&D
4) Detector Monte Carlo Studies

Mike Shaevitz
Columbia University Office:  212-854-3305
Nevis Laboratories Office:   914-591-2806
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