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From: Janet Conrad <>
Date: Wed Jul 28 2004 - 14:32:39 CDT


It would be very nice if we could make measurements at various depths.
So it is also worth pursing the idea of running in a mine tunnel.
Do you know who should be contacted at Sudbury to ask about hat is



Steve Biller wrote:

> The problem for the spallation study is that you need to be able to
>move the detector around to explore how different variations of overburden
>and cavity geometry etc. change various measured rates. Thus, ideally, you
>really would want a mine tunnel instead of a single room. Of course,
>this isn't to say that different studies might not be done in different
>environments, so we should keep options open by continuing to explore
> - Steve
>Janet Conrad wrote:
>>Thank you so much for investigating this! That's 323 mwe -- in other
>>words, PERFECT!
>>The room size also sounds like it will work well. I will investigate
>>this further.
>>Dick Hahn wrote:
>>>Based on the comment by Janet during today's phone call about Hoover Dam, I
>>>communicated with Hank Sobel at UCI.
>>>His two replies follow:
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>>>Subject: Hoover Dam underground lab
>>>Hi Hank,
>>> As I may have told you, I am currently involved in planning
>>>discussions for a future theta-13 experiment. In a conference phone call
>>>today, someone mentioned the idea of doing some prototype measurements
>>>underground (under water?) at Hoover Dam. I recall that when you, Toni,
>>>Sheila, and I
>>>visited the Dam, you mentioned that you had done a neutrino experiment
>>>there with Fred et al. years ago. Are there are any details written down
>>>someplace about the properties of the Hoover Dam lab, such as
>>>overburden, available space, etc.?
>>>Best regards,
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>>>Subject: RE: Hoover Dam underground lab
>>>Message # 1
>>>Hi Dick,
>>>Mike Moe had a lab in the dam where he did his Double Beta Decay
>>>experiments. I'll look and see if there is anything around, but probably
>>>Mike would have all that information.
>>>Message #2
>>>Here is a write-up about the site that I found in our 1989 DOE renewal:
>>>A very satisfactory underground site has been found where there is good
>>>protection from cosmic radiation. The room is 35 x 114 x 40 feet high
>>>and houses the "Arizona tunnel plug outlet works" at the Hoover Dam.
>>>This cavity is beneath nearly 400 feet of rock, has easy horizontal
>>>access, plenty of power and cooling water for the magnet, and a 20-ton
>>>overhead crane. We have approval from the Project Manager to put the
>>>experiment in place in September of this year (1988).
>>>The distance from UCI is 295 miles, a five-hour drive or a one-hour
>>>flight to nearby Las Vegas. We plan to set up a telephone link to
>>>monitor the detector from UCI, and the people at the dam have agreed to
>>>do a daily check for us.
>>>The cosmic flux will be two orders of magnitude below what we have been
>>>living with. Natural radioactivity in the walls of the tunnel has been
>>>found to be the same as at the present location in our Physical Sciences
>>>building. (By erecting a water shield around the whole apparatus at
>>>Irvine we found that the natural activity of the room has only a minor
>>>effect inside the TPC.)
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