Re: Detector support concept

From: Victor Guarino <>
Date: Fri Jul 09 2004 - 15:14:14 CDT

Hi Hans,
Thanks for your input. This is very similar to the structure that we
originally examined. We moved to the structure that I showed in our paper for
several reasons. First, the structure induced stresses into the sphere which
required it to get thicker. Second, we are planning on moving the detector on
Hilman rollers located at discrete points. Therefore, the structure has to be
very stiff in order to transfer the load from any structure to the support
points at the Hilman rollers. I didn't want the structure to deflect to much
between the hilman roller supports because this would induce stresses into the
outer steel sphere. I did some simple FEA modeling of the structure but of
course further optimizing can still occur.

I have been thinking that we should get away from the outer containment vessel
being a sphere. I have done a lot of work trying to find companies that can
fabricate such large sphere and there aren't many. Also, if we have the
requirement that we need to dismantle the outer sphere in order to get at the
PMT's then we need some sort of flange so that the sphere can be taken apart.
This is another complication on the design and fabrication. I think an easier
way would be to make a simple structure that is similar to an above ground
pool. The two acrylic spheres would be suspended inside the pool and a
geodesic structure can be constructed around them to support the PMT. This
type of structure would be easier to support and fabricate and access to the
PMT's would be a lot easier.

Hans Jostlein wrote:

> Hi, Vic,
> for your amusement,
> I have attached a strut-type detector support concept.
> I am not sure I understand your drawing completely,
> and I apologize if I have overlooked an important constraint.
> Sincerely
> Hans
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