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From: Hans Jostlein <>
Date: Tue Jul 06 2004 - 16:04:06 CDT

Hi, Victor et al.,

thanks for your detailed design report.
It's a giant step forward.
Some time ago I looked at ways to tile spheres and to make the pieces
parabolic rather than spherical.
There would be significant savings in molds for casting;
the surfaces would be cast free for better optical quality;
and the number of pieces would be minimized while,
and they would all be of identical shape.
The deviation from a true sphere depends on the number of tiles, and becomes
quite small for a modest number of tiles.
I don't know if you saw that memo, some time ago.
I have attached it again. for your enjoyment.



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> Greetings,
> While at Oxford, Ed mentioned that it's been a while and we should
> probably have a Braidwood get together/collaboration meeting in the
> relative near future. With that in mind I wanted to let everyone know
> about a draft baseline detector design document that Vic Guarino has
> been assembling here at Argonne. We have been trying to look into all
> of the issues involved with design, assembly, installation and operation
> of a baseline detector and intend to present this for more detailed
> review and revision at the next collaboration meeting. At this
> time, the document is still a work in progress with several sections
> still needing to be fleshed out, but we would like to encourage any
> interested parties to take a look now and provide feedback or comments.
> The document can be found at
> Regards,
> -Dave

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