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From: David Reyna <>
Date: Thu Jul 01 2004 - 14:49:51 CDT

  While at Oxford, Ed mentioned that it's been a while and we should
probably have a Braidwood get together/collaboration meeting in the
relative near future. With that in mind I wanted to let everyone know
about a draft baseline detector design document that Vic Guarino has
been assembling here at Argonne. We have been trying to look into all
of the issues involved with design, assembly, installation and operation
of a baseline detector and intend to present this for more detailed
review and revision at the next collaboration meeting. At this
time, the document is still a work in progress with several sections
still needing to be fleshed out, but we would like to encourage any
interested parties to take a look now and provide feedback or comments.
The document can be found at

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