Re: MW_Theta_13 Electronics

From: Jim Pilcher <>
Date: Fri Apr 30 2004 - 10:13:40 CDT

Hi Rick,

The costs in the table are just production costs but at the bottom I
have included 30% of the production costs for EDIA. This is where
the engineering, design, inspection and administrative costs are. I
think this number is a fairly typical percentage.



>Hi Jim et al.,
>I just got a chance to go over Jim's nice talk - but can't manage to connect
>to the meeting. Anyway, the talk is clearly a good starting point and the
>first six or seven slides seem to be a concise summary of the physics
>and operational requirements and for any electronics system for such a
>detector. Whether ATLAS is, however, a good model for this sort of
>asynchronous experiment is not entirely obvious and a detailed comparison
>with a data driven architecture will be interesting. One question I would
>have at the moment, however, is what the ground rules were for the budget
>estimate? Do the numbers on slide 17 reflect design costs or just
>the after design material/assembly/test cost estimates?
>Rick Van Berg
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