MW_Theta_13 Electronics

From: Jim Pilcher <>
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 12:17:30 CDT

Dear Colleagues,

I have prepared a web page for information related to the
electronics. It is at:

This will be linked shortly from the working group section of the
main web site which Ed maintains.

There are currently two items there. One is a parameter list in the
form of an Excel file. Subsidiary quantities are calculated from
primary assumptions. Please feel free to make suggestions or
corrections. This list should evolve with time as planning develops.

The second item is a copy of the talk I prepared for our meeting
tomorrow. I cannot attend because of teaching and a faculty meeting
but Kelby Anderson has kindly agreed to present the talk. I am
posting it in advance so people can review it and have a more useful

We should have a more focused meeting soon on electronics, perhaps
beginning with a phone conference.

Best regards,

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