First results for Geant4 simulations

From: Bolton, Tim <>
Date: Tue Mar 30 2004 - 15:19:26 CST

Dmitry Onoprienko at KSU has made tremendous progress on bringing up a full Geant4 simulation of a three zone detector. Dima took this on initially as a "simple warmup exercise" using G4 on the way to a more elaborate unrelated task. It has been anything but simple as G4 is still very much in development. Attached are a couple of pretty pictures showing the detector geometry and some kinematic distributions, including capture distributions on Gd. The detector geometry is more elaborate than the picture suggests. PMTs are incorporated along with optical photon transport, for example. Note that the plots are not, save for the nubar flux, parameterizations. They are true predictions.
This package, with a simple user manual, will be released shortly.

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