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Braidwood now has software in CVS for general use. Currently the only group accessable software package is Tim Bolton's updated event generator, ReactorFsim. The CVSROOT admin package is not globally accessable. If you require changes to the admin files in CVSROOT please email Matt.

Package List

CVS Logs

Log files generated from CVS are now available.

Basic Instructions

The basic instructions here (as well as more advanced topics) are all described in detail in the references below. Please look there first for answers to questions. If you still have trouble after checking the references please email Matt.

To setup in csh:
[username@pc]$ setenv CVSROOT :pserver:[username]
[username@pc]$ cvs login

To setup in bash:
[username@pc]$ export CVSROOT=":pserver:[username]"
[username@pc]$ cvs login

To check out a package with a version (no version gives you code from the head):
[username@pc]$ cvs checkout [-r version] YourPackage

To check your code against the repository:
[username@pc]$ cvs diff YourFile

To merge updates from the repository into your code:
[username@pc]$ cvs update YourFile

To check code back in:
[username@pc]$ cvs commit -m "text message describing your changes" YourFile1 YourFile2...

To check the history of your code:
[username@pc]$ cvs log YourFile

When you are done:
[username@pc]$ cvs logout

Here is an example session.

New Users: If you are using CVS for the first time, please email your username to Matt so that he can add you to the list and give you a password.


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Matthew Worcester
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