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    This page presents a cross-linked code browser generated with doxygenDoxygen scans files for doxygen-compliant comments and converts them to html and latex documents.  The doxygen-compliant comments are variations on standard C++ comment tags (// and /*).  Therefore, the comments used to generate the code browser via doxygen can be kept inside the source code as C++ style comments.  This will hopefully encourage coders to extensively comment their new code.

    A large backlog of doxygen-compliant commenting is necessary in the older ReactorFsim files, so the current code browser is very incomplete.  The browser will also become more advanced as we become more facile with doxygen.  Users can check out any tagged version of the software from Braidwood's CVS site.  Note that as more users check code into CVS, the development release will become increasingly unstable and dangerous for analysis.  We recommend new users starting with one of the tagged releases.

    Brief getting-started tips for and introduction to ReactorFsim:


Tim's Bolton's ReactorFsim software
  • based on the December 5th code
Updated ReactorFsim software with:
  • event setup done with a user-controlled text file
  • optional 252Cf source in ReactorEvent
  • optional PMT glass radiation in ReactorDetector
ReactorFsim v0_0_3 New software with:
  • muons including spallation and 9Li and 8He beta decay
  • updated 252Cf code with prompt photon production
  • ReactorEvent and ReactorDetector can generically handle neutrinos, electrons, positrons, neutrons and photons
  • new function ReactorScint to propagate photons 10/22/04
ReactorFsim v0_0_4
  • added a trigger simulation shell: ReactorTrigger
  • fixed several bugs in MuonPropagator
  • improve the prompt 252Cf photon energy distribution in MyCfSource
  • added compton scattering to prompt 252Cf photons in ReactorEvent
  • added new histograms (number of photoelectrons in PMTs) and ntuple variables (number of PMTs hit in an event) in ReactorDetector and ReactorNtuple
  • new charge spectrum plus move of energy fit in ReactorDetector
  • added new ntuple variables (sum of charge in PMTs) in ReactorNtuple 12/27/04
Updates to the code:
  • Josh added a ROOT tree output (paw is still included) for positrons and neutrons and put a simple macro, RMCMacro.cpp, in the top-level directory
  • Matt added multiple compton scattering to the positron annihilation gammas and the PMT glass radiation gammas
  • Dave started a scope-trace output for ReactorDetector including a PMToutput class and PMTinfo structure, a PMT merge time, in which if two hits occur within a defined time window, the energy from them will be merged and the time for the merged event will be the earlier of the two times, and an ASCII debug file
  • Matt added a new "veto" class of events which reads ASCII output from the veto simulation: these events handle neutrons, electrons, and positrons in the usual way in ReactorEvent and handle muons by calling a new MuonPropagator (see next point)
  • Matt added a new MuonPropagator constructor that handles dE/dx energy loss for a muon (but no secondary particles) generated by the veto simulation with the initial muon position, momentum, and energy given by the veto; the old constructor, still used by ReactorEvent "muon" events, had not changed
  • Josh fixed a bug in his QSpectrum and recalibrated the energy scale
  • Peter added "data" for muons at 300 and 450 mwe: switched the default detector depth from 500 to 450 mwe
development Development is the most recent version of the code which compiles and runs.  It is checked out daily at midnight from the head and updated if the code successfully compiles and runs.  It is not intended for analysis.  To check out:

cvs checkout -r development ReactorFsim


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