Braidwood Collaboration Meeting Agenda

January 6-7, 2005

Video and audio: We will use the ESNET IP Ad-hoc bridge as we did for the
last meeting.

Video:  dial 826763 at 384 kbs
Audio only: 1-510-883-7860; at the prompt enter 826763 follwed by # sign.

Thursday, January 6

Meeting starts at 10:00 in WH10NW

Intro                                            Ed, Mike       	(10)

Detector Engineering:
  Overview                                       Maury          	(10)

  ANL activities                                 Vic            	(20)

  Building acrylic spheres                       Larry          	(30)

  Fermilab activities
1. Mechanical Configuration                 Ernie Villegas              (15)
2. Site civil issues                        Tom Lackowski               (15)
3. R&D work at Fermilab
    a. Calibration system:                  Hans Jostlein               (15)
    b. Muon distributions in NuMI tunnel:   Jon Link                    (15)
4. Project Management Plan                  TJ Sarlina.                 (15)

1:00- 2:00  Lunch

Bore hole status                                 Jon, Chris             (30)

Background/simulation summary                    Matt, Tim              (30)

  Goals, summary of activities, nomenclature, coordinate system  Peter  (25)
  Fast neutrons I                                                Peter  (10)
  Fast neutrons II                                               Jon    (15)

Liquid scintillator R&D, etc.                                    Dick     (30)

sin^2 theta_W and other exotica                                 Joe     (30)

Politics, discussion                                            Ed,.Mike

6:00 Dinner


9:30  Plans, extended discussion