Agenda for April 30 Meeting

9:00-1:00, 2:30-5:00 in WH10NW

Working group reports:

   Studying muon induced isotopes produced in scintillator       Vittorio  
   GEANT4 background studies                                     Martina

 Detector Mech. Design                                           Dave

 Site and Civil Const.                                           Jon

 Electronics                                                     Kelby

 Other Physics                                                   Janet

  GEANT4 Development                                             Dima 

Optimization studies:
  Gamma-catcher optimization                                     Erin
  Cerenkov+Scintillation Detector Concept                        Steve

Discussion of Key Questions
1) Number and size of detector regions 
2) Number and size of baseline detectors 
3) 0.5 to 1%  relative calibration goal: moveable detectors, calibration
systems, detector designs 
4) Scintillator choice - Gd, scint type 

Discussion of Interactions with Others
1) APS study
2) West Coast/Diablo Canyon/Daya Bay

Discussion of R&D Proposal
1) Outline of document
2) What should we ask for?
3) Timescale and milestones

Video and audio: We will use the ESNET IP Ad-hoc bridge as we did for the last meeting.

  Video:  dial 826763 at 384 kbs
  Voice only: 1-510-883-7860; at the prompt enter 826763 follwed by # sign.