9/03/04 Baseline 

1) Two near and two far detectors with a 3.5m outer radius. The detector 
distances will be approximately 200m and 1500m. 

2) Depth: 450 mwe (180 m real depth)

2) Two zone detector 
     The radius of the acrylic sphere will be 2.6m.

     The inner region will contain 0.1% Gd-loaded liquid scintillator.
     The outer region will contain mineral oil.

4) ~25% photocathode coverage: 1000 PMTs per detector

5) Moveable Detectors 
      The detectors will be movable.  (Baseline sensitivies will not
      use the reduced systematic from moving; moving will provide a cross
      check and possibly better sensitivity.)

6) Veto system. Approximately 1m of passive shielding
   surrounded by active veto counters on top and sides. 
   There will also be a layer of active veto counters below the detectors.