DOE Response on Braidwood

From: Mike Shaevitz (
Date: Thu Apr 13 2006 - 16:16:43 CDT

Dear Braidwood,

Ed and I are very disappointed to have to relay the
following message from Robin Staffin which says that DOE has
declined our request for R&D funding. We are trying to
contact others concerning this message and to get what
information we can. We should plan to have our phone
meeting tomorrow at 1 pm to discuss all this.

Ed and Mike

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Subject: Interest in Accelerator and Detector R&D
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 16:39:01 -0400
From: Staffin, Robin <>
To: '' <>,

Dear Ed and Mike,

Thank you for your submission in response to our call for
expressions of
interest in the areas of accelerator and detector R&D for
future neutrino
physics experiments. We have made final decisions on which
areas we are
interested in supporting in FY2006.

We regret to inform you that your R&D request for the
Reactor Neutrino
Detector at Braidwood has been declined. We received three
strong proposals
targeting R&D for neutrino experiment using reactors around
the world.
Although these proposals were well developed and the
proponents well
qualified, given limited resources we are only able to
support one of them,
the Reactor Neutrino Detector at Daya Bay, which has
compelling scientific
potential based on assessment by NuSAG, and with strong
project planning and
development, could be made technically feasible and affordable.

We continue to be very interested in pursuing a world class
reactor neutrino
experiment as a single collaborative effort from the US. We
encourage you and your collaborators who are interested in
seeing this
physics come to fruition to join the effort.

Robin Staffin
Associate Director
Office of High Energy Physics

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