RE: Braidwood phone meeting today

From: Hahn, Richard (
Date: Mon Apr 03 2006 - 22:49:06 CDT


            I connected to the collaboration phone call today from Islip Airport at about 1:45 CDT, and listened to the talks about calculating neutron attenuation lengths. I was at a disadvantage in that I wasn't able to connect to the Internet to view the slides. However, I did get the gist of the talks.

Around 2 PM, there was a series of announcements at the airport about flight departures. During that time, I heard Peter say that he was having trouble hearing because of "background noise". I thought that my airport environment might be the cause of that noise, so I disconnected from the call. I am sorry that I did not get to hear more. Some 30 minutes later, I departed for Chicago and Fermi Lab, where I will be for the rest of this week.

            If you need any more material from my BNL Group prior to the P5 meeting, please let me know.




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