RE: Braidwood Info and Phone Conf. March 7

From: Hahn, Richard (
Date: Mon Feb 27 2006 - 11:46:24 CST

        I'll be busy for part of the morning of Tuesday, March 7, so I
prefer anytime during the afternoon.
        A couple of other relevant points:
(1) I assume that we will all be able to read the NuSAG report prior to
our March 7 conference call.
(2) If P5 is in the loop and won't be considering neutrinos until April
18, do we have a realistic chance of receiving any R&D funding during
this fiscal year? The brief submission that we sent to OHEP/DOE in
January focused mainly on FY-06.
(3) A friend alerted me to the agenda of next week's HEPAP meeting -
They have scheduled a talk by the U.S. Double Chooz contingent, by Bob
Svoboda, from 6:00-6:10 PM. That seems awfully brief. Also, no other
theta-13 groups are scheduled to make presentations. What do your tea
leaves tell you about this situation?


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Subject: Braidwood Info and Phone Conf. March 7

Dear Braidwood,

Some action is beginning on our experiment. The NuSAG
report will be presented at HEPAP on March 3 and as
indicated in the message below, P5 will be reviewing reactor
experiments on April 18.

As you also probably know, Exelon is being pressed by the
IEPA and the community about tritium leaks from external
water pipes at their Braidwood reactor site. (See Exelon web
site at ) From our
discussions with Exelon, even though this is a serious
problem for them, they are still supportive of our experiment.

In order to discuss all this, we would like to set up a
phone meeting for March 7 either in the morning or early
afternoon. Please send us any times that will not work for you.

Mike and Ed

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Subject: P5 Neutrino Plan
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2006 14:42:49 -0800
From: Abe Seiden <>

Dear Kam-Biu, Ed, and Mike:
   P5 will be making a comprehensive plan for HEP over
roughly the next
6 months. We have scheduled a day on neutrinos at Fermilab
on April 18.
I want to see if we can get presentations on the reactor
neutrino experiments
on that day. We will of course be interested in the
science, but also cost and
schedule information will be important. In fact you will
likely be contacted
before the April 18 date to get bottom-line information so
we can start making
a tentative plan. Thanks for your help.
                                          Sincerely, Abe Seiden

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