Presidents Budget Request and Opening of NuSAG report

From: Mike Shaevitz (
Date: Thu Feb 09 2006 - 12:59:26 CST

Dear Braidwooders,

All of you probably have already seen the Presidents Budget
request for FY07. I have extracted the parts that refer to
a new reactor-based neutrino experiment (see attached
Reactor file). It includes: "An increase of $3M to begin
US participation in the fabrication of a Reactor Neutrino

The NuSAG report will be made public at the NSAC and HEPAP
meetings on March 2-3 and Mar. 3-4. Ed is planning to
attend the HEPAP meeting and Jon Link will probably be at
the NSAC meeting.


PS I also attached the full HEP Request.

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