[Fwd: Neutrino position at the University of Washington]

From: Mike Shaevitz (shaevitz@nevis.columbia.edu)
Date: Sun Oct 23 2005 - 15:27:59 CDT

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Subject: Neutrino position at the University of Washington
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 15:36:18 -0400
From: Joseph Formaggio <josephf@MIT.EDU>
To: Ed Blucher <blucher@hep.uchicago.edu>, Mike Shaevitz
<shaevitz@nevis.columbia.edu>, Janet Conrad

Hi Mike, Ed, and Janet,

     UW is advertising a new neutrino position that might be of
interest to our Braidwood/MiniBooNE/NuTeV collaborators. Distribute
at will. The ad can be found at http://www.phys.washington.edu/jobs/

Take care,

Joseph Formaggio
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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