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From: Maury Goodman (maury.goodman@anl.gov)
Date: Fri Sep 02 2005 - 16:44:00 CDT

If any Braidwooder wants to come to this seminar at ANL on Wednesday,
let me know by
Tuesday and I'll arrange a gate pass.


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From: Maury Goodman <maury.goodman@anl.gov>
Subject: Lunch with the Speaker September 7th
To: all_hep@hep.anl.gov
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Next Wednesday, September 7th, we will have a division seminar at
11 am. in Room F108 (Building 362). Our speaker will be Dean Ekberg
from Northern Illinois University. The title of his talk
will be "Hydrogeology of the Galena Platteville near Fermilab
and Braidwood" Following the talk, we will take Dean
to lunch at 12:30 at the elegant APS Guest House restaurant.
If you would like to join the lunch party, send email to me at

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