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From: Hahn, Richard (
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 16:53:29 CDT

I heard through the grapevine that someone on NuSAG had asked how Braidwood
could ensure that the detectors would remain "identical" after the move,
when at minimum there will have been changes in the temperature of the
detector liquid, the electronics, etc., by moving from underground to the
surface, transporting on surface, and then moving back underground. Imagine
this move happening in Illinois in mid winter, or mid summer. Has anyone
addressed this issue? Is there any characteristic minimum time period that
we would have to wait after the move, to have thermal equilibrium
reestablished in the detector components? Can any of these effects be
calculated? What kind of temperature swings might we expect? What is the
expected ambient temperature underground at 450 mwe?

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The statement for NuSAG question #3 is attached for your comments. I didn't
have time to put them in the template that Mike and Ed provided, but the
final version will.
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Please use the attached template for drafting responses to the NuSAG
questions. We'll discuss all of the questions at tomorrow afternoon's
phone meeting.
Mike and Ed

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