Nusag questions--fisrt attempt on questions 5 through 9 attached

From: Hans Jostlein (
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 13:03:33 CDT

Also please note Ray Stefanski's input:

5.) A 150 Ton load can be moved on the surface given reasonable road
conditions. Normal traffic is stopped or redirected. The liquid load is
placed on a flatbed in a manner that the center of mass is always over the
bed. Risk carry a small probability.

6 ) Egress safety is provided by having two elevators, segregated form each
other in terms

of smoke and heat. This provides the equivalent of a second egress. This
concept was applied at NuMI.

7) Costs quoted in the document will be refined with further engineering
effort. However, FESS has identified the safety issues that must be
addressed and has an update for costs.

8) It's up to Hans and Larry.

9) Jon has the MC for this.

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