[Fwd: NuSAG status and plans]

From: Ed Blucher (blucher@hep.uchicago.edu)
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 10:31:03 CDT

Dear Braidwooders:

We just received the attached message regarding NuSAG. We'll let you
know when we receive specific questions from the committee.

Ed and Mike

attached mail follows:

Dear experimenters,

    Thank you for taking part in a very informative meeting May 31-June
2. NuSAG has scheduled its next meeting, which will be held in Chicago
on July 17 and 18. We are not anticipating any presentations from your
experiments at this meeting. Rather, we will be furthering our
discussions via email. To that end, we will be sending questions to you
in the next couple days.

    We have been asked by the agencies to develop recommendations on
neutrinoless double beta decay first, and the goal of the July meeting
will be to finalize these recommendations. Though we may hope to move
along our discussions of the reactor and accelerator-based experiments
at the meeting, our focus will be on double beta, and we will consider
these other areas on a longer timescale, with our recommendations due in
late September.

                                        Peter Meyers
                                        Gene Beier

Peter Meyers -- Princeton University -- (609)258-5581

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