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Date: Tue May 31 2005 - 09:57:42 CDT


Congratulations on making an excellent presentation even better. Here
are few substantive comments:

1. I agree with Steve that #20 still does not work. The immediate visual
impression is that the 3-zone design is greatly superior. It would
almost be better to leave this slide out if it can't be made more

2. On #11, 4th bullet, it's not clear what the two numbers "0.05% and
0.3% respectively" refer to.

3. Re Steve's comment about neck details: Peter has a drawing that would
be a useful backup if you get questions.

4. On #27, the plot assumes that the tagging system is 100% efficient.
Perhaps this should be added as a small-font caveat under the plot.

Some typos to fix:

#6: Omit bullet in front of Ed & Mike line, and close the paren after

#11: 4th bullet, underlined "checks" should be boldface

#12: delete "are" in "are associated" and "relative" in the next line

#23: replace "relative rates" with "Sig/BG ratios"

Thanks for the great job!


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Subject: NuSAG Talk version 3

Hello again,

I have come up with a new version (ver3) of the NuSAG talk
that incorporates many of the comments from the meeting and
includes new figures where appropriate. It is still a
little long at 38 pages.

If you get a chance over the holiday, take a look and let me
know your suggestions.

The files are available at:

I am planning to give a practice talk on Tues. at 3pm cst
(4pm est). The video and phone information is given below.


Video: dial 826763 at 384 kbs
Voice: 1-510-883-7860; at the prompt enter 826763 followed
by # sign

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