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Date: Wed Apr 20 2005 - 09:32:47 CDT

The line went dead at 1030 EDT and I could not reconnect. Did you reserve
only one hour for the call?


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  Hi all,

  This is just a reminder that the 'moving' call is at 8:30 Central,
tomorrow (Wednesday). Jon has already sent out phone-in details.
In order to get things going, I've outlined below what I think
the main goals of the call are and have also listed a number of
questions which Jon and I think are particularly relevant and could
perhaps serve to focus the discussion.


                                                - Steve


 I. To make sure we're all on the same page

 II. To make sure we can answer questions
     (must be more explicit about the details
          of exactly what's being proposed)


 1) What is the role of moving?

 "The central measurement will NOT be dependent on moving,
  but it will serve as a {POSSIBLE or IMPORTANT} cross-check" (*to be

 2) Exactly what does the measurement give us?
    What are the limitations?
    Are there other ways of achieving this?
    Do you get anything more than a redundant measurement and
    don't you already have that with 2 near and 2 far?

 3) What is the additional cost of moving and can this be justified?

 4) What are the risks and can these be justified?

    (Move at the beginning? Move later only if necessary?)
    How long to run where?
    What do you do based on what you see?

 6) Is there advantage/disadvantage to playing down the
    relevance of moving?

 7) Any other questions of relevance???

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