Preparing for Reviews

From: Mike Shaevitz <>
Date: Fri Feb 11 2005 - 09:30:47 CST

Dear Braidwood,

I have attached to this message part of a talk
that Janet and I presented at the Columbia NSF
review. Besides describing the project it also
presents some comparisons to Daya Bay and CHOOZ II.

In some sense, this is a prototype for our move
towards defending the project to the funding
agencies and review committees. For that reason,
it would be good to initiate a dialog and receive
comments/suggestions from the collaboration.

It also would be good to start compiling a list of
questions that people are asked along with
answers. (Given below are some of the questions
at the Nevis review.)


Some of the questions during the talk were:
1) Stan Wojcicki and Gary Feldman: Why couldn't
Daya Bay just as well optimize like Braidwood?
We answered that they needed to
go into the mountain to get their desired
overburden. Also, moving closer would make the
fractional baseline differences from the two
reactor sites even larger.
2) Jerry Vavra: Why are you so sure your Gd won't
turn yellow?
We need a few key backup slides on this. We
answered that BNL is starting to understand the
chemical explanation for why our Gd is more stable
and is doing long term stability tests.

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