Veto Working Group phone meeting - 3 pm EST/2 pm CST/1 pm MST/12 pm PDT

From: Peter H Fisher <fisherp@MIT.EDU>
Date: Tue Nov 30 2004 - 09:13:59 CST


Apologies! I meant to do things in Central Standard Time (CST) as that is
where most people are. Instead, I put Eastern Standard Time (EST) which
is where I am.

The meeting today will be at 3 pm EST/2 pm CST/1 pm MST/12 pm PDT. I
apologize for the confusion.

A short version of the agenda follows.


Agenda for Veto Working Group Meeting
         Nov. 30, 2004

Phone number: 617-324-7520

A complete agenda may be found on

Goal: we should meet weekly by phone for the next few weeks. The goal
of this first meeting is to establish a starting point for the working
group; mainly, we need to clearly establish what the requirements for
the system are and what we need to do to produce a new baseline
(Baseline II) which meets them.

Baseline I (from Braidwood "Current Baseline" webpage):

    6) Veto system. Approximately 1m of passive shielding
       surrounded by active veto counters on top and sides.
       There will also be a layer of active veto counters below the detectors.

Baseline II - what we need to come up with by March/April


1. What we need to do - 10'

2. Baseline II design cost and performance requirements - 10'

3. Baseline II design simulation requirements - 10'

4. Beseline II design technology choices - 10'

5. Any other business - 10'

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