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From: Dick Hahn <>
Date: Wed Oct 20 2004 - 14:39:38 CDT

        As Minfang mentioned, we are booked for the period Nov. 18-22. Andreas
Piepke, whom many people know, will be at BNL to give a Physics Colloquium.
He will also spend time meeting with my group. That visit has been planned
for a while and would be tough to change.
        We would like to attend the meeting, to meet many of the collaboration
members. However, if you can't change the meeting dates, we can always
e-mail you a talk about our progress and plans that could be shown to those
who will be there..


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Subject: next Braidwood meeting

Dear Colleagues:

Our Engineering/R&D proposal has been submitted to the NSF and DOE, and
the borehole RFP has been distributed to vendors. We would like to have
a meeting on November 19-20 in the Chicago area to discuss our plans for
developing the full proposal for the experiment. In particular, we
should begin working on many of the simulation tasks described in the
R&D proposal. We should also understand what preparations are necessary
to be sure we can quickly proceed with civil and detector engineering
work when our R&D proposal is funded.

At this meeting, it would be good for the various groups to give reports
on their progress so far and describe plans for the next 6 months.
We should start to develop a schedule and milestones for moving
toward a full proposal.

We will send out details of this meeting during the next couple of weeks.
Please send us any comments on particular issues you would like to
discuss at the November meeting.


Ed and Mike
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