Braidwood R&D proposal status

From: Ed Blucher <>
Date: Thu Sep 23 2004 - 11:11:18 CDT

Dear Colleagues:

Thanks to everyone for the comments on the proposal. We're working to
prepare a new draft to be posted on Friday or Saturday. We will have
a phone meeting at 8 AM (CDT) on Monday to discuss the new version. To
connect to the conference call, dial 1-630-424-7625 with passcode

There have been a couple of positive developments with Exelon.
- The University of Chicago and Exelon have concluded an agreement on the
    bore hole project; the RFP will be sent to contractors during the next
    few days.

- Exelon signed the detailed letter of support for our project. The
    letter is posted on the R&D proposal page of our website, and will be
    included as a supporting document for our proposal.

                                                Ed and Mike
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