Outline for R&D/Engineering Proposal

From: Mike Shaevitz <shaevitz@nevis.columbia.edu>
Date: Thu Jul 29 2004 - 17:27:32 CDT

Dear Braidwooder's,

As we discussed in our phone meeting, Ed and I have developed an outline
for the proposal that is given below. The numbers in parentheses give
the page allotment for each section. An additional suggestion is to
have longer documents on the web for the civil, detector engineering,
scintillator studies, and other R&D. The 15 pages should be self
contained but some reviewers might look at the web pages for more
details. A possible list of documents is given after the outline.

The plan now is for people to volunteer for the various sections and
begin working on more detailed outlines and preliminary text.
Individuals should give reports on plans and progress at the Aug. 11
collaboration meeting.

Please send Ed and I your requests for sections to work on and we will
put out an updated outline with names.

Ed and Mike

1) Introduction and Physics Case (2)

   - Neutrino Osc Status and Next Steps
   - Reactor experiment contributions and comparisons
   - Elastic scattering measurements: weak mixing angle,magnetic moments

2) Strategy of the Measurement to Reach sin2(2th13)~0.01 (5)
   - Overview of Braidwood Experiment
         * statistical and systematic uncertainties
         * Table of uncertainties
         * Optimizations
   - Backgrounds
         * Sources and rates in near vs far detector
         * Contribution to near/far comparison uncertainty
   - Calibrations
         * Source calibrations
         * In-situ spallation calibrations
         * Cosmic-ray calibrations
   - Relative detector systematics
         * Two vs. three regions
   - Cross checks and Redundancies
         * Moving Detectors
         * Multiple Detectors
         * External Measurements

3) Questions that need to be answered and Proposed R&D (2)

4) Proposed Engineering for Cost and Schedule Determination (5)
   - Civil engineering
         * Description of Braidwood and layout
         * Current baseline design, cost, and schedule
         * Proposed civil engineering needed for proposal design report

   - Detector engineering
         * Description of current baseline detector
         * Liquid scintillator and material issues and Proposed R&D
         * Proposed detector engineering needed for proposal design report

5) Outreach (1)
   - Opportunities in short term?
   - Put forward a plan for final experiment

6) Summary: (1)
   - Collaboration Tasks and Schedule
   - Cost Estimate Table for R&D/Engineering

List of Longer Documents for the Web:
1) Braidwood Civil Engineering
2) Current Detector Engineering
3) Gd Loader Scintillator R&D
4) Detector Monte Carlo Studies
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