VSPLAT draft

From: Janet Conrad <conrad@nevis.columbia.edu>
Date: Tue Jul 27 2004 - 11:03:49 CDT

Hi Midwest Reactor people,

As per our discussion, I have attached the vsplat write-up that we wrote
when we began talking with
the Los Alamos group, which consists of Richard Van De Water, Gordon
McGregor, and Heather Ray.

The Los Alamos group is interested but hasn't made any commitment.
However, Heather has done
a lot of follow-up work. She is doing a very nice job.

Two cautions!
a) The Los Alamos cannot give us access to the tank until VLAND is complete.
b) Also, they have some other ideas for the tank. So we need to talk
with them about how we
    fit in.

Happy reading. I'll get back to the Los Alamos group and then back to
all of you.



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