Re: Oxford Collaboraiton Meeting

From: Jonathan Link <>
Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 16:51:14 CDT

Hi Steve,

Fermilab would like to video conference. I can't promis that anyone
will be here at 2:00 am to catch the morning session, but I'll certaily
be there for the afternoon.

If anyone is in the Fermilab area and they want to join in we will be
located in the Hornet's Nest meeting room (8th floor cross over).


Steve Biller wrote:

> We are setting up a video conference link via ISDN
> for the Oxford meeting next Monday. To book a line, we
> need a list of participating venues plus the name and
> email address of a main participant at each venue.
> If at all possible, we'd like to have this list by Friday,
> so it'd be great if you could drop me a note within
> the next day or so. Thanks!
> - Steve
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