March 12 MW reactor neutrino meeting

From: Ed Blucher <>
Date: Thu Mar 11 2004 - 15:10:44 CST

Here is the agenda for tomorrow's meeting.

                    Midwest Reactor Neutrino Meeting

       9:00-3:00 in Argonne HEP Video Room, Building 362, room F240.

Intro: Site and funding developments Ed, Mike

Collaboration organization Jim

Civil construction estimate Ed, Jon

sin^2 theta_W Janet

MC studies of detector response Tim

Electronics Jim

Discussion of CalPoly and Niigata workshops all

Discussion of plans:
    working groups, working document, R&D proposals all

Here are Sheila's instructions for video and audio connections to the

For video, the meeting will use the ESnet IP Ad-hoc bridge.
Every site that is registered with ESnet IP service
can dial 826763 at 384kps IP.

whereas 82=video switched
whereas 6763=MRNE in phone mnemonics

For those who need to connect by telephone, dial 1-510-883-7860.
At the prompt, enter 826763 followed by the # sign. LIke video,
phone participants need to mute their phones when not speaking.
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