US Meeting for a Future Reactor theta13 Experiment

From: Brian Kurt Fujikawa <>
Date: Wed Mar 03 2004 - 19:33:18 CST

US Meeting for a Future Neutrino Observatory at Reactors

We invite our colleagues interested in measurements of the theta13
neutrino mixing angle at reactors to a US meeting at California
Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California, on March
15, 2004. The day-long meeting will focus on issues that affect US
participation in this area of research, particularly focusing on
potential sites in the US and sites initiated by US groups in Brazil
and China. Cal Poly is close to the Diablo Canyon power plant, which
is one of the proposed sites for a US experiment. The intention is to
discuss the realities of an effective US effort on this important
area of research before the international Workshop on Future
Low-Energy Neutrino Experiments later in the week in Niigata, Japan.
This US meeting will be held on Monday, March 15th, followed by a
reception at Cal Poly and public science lecture by Lawrence Krauss
on "The Origin of Everything: Life, Neutrinos, and Star Trek" in the

For further information please see:

The organizers
     Stuart Freedman (Berkeley)
     Richard Frankel (Cal Poly)
     Bob McKeown (Caltech)
     Karsten Heeger (LBNL)
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