Baseline Proposal for FESS Study

From: Jonathan Link <>
Date: Fri Jan 09 2004 - 13:43:53 CST

Hi All,

Here is the proposal of Chris Laughton and myself for instructions for
the FESS civil engineering study:

The dimensions of the detector halls are shown in the attachment. Only
the outer dimensions of the neutron bunkers are shown. The near and far
detector halls are identical. The shafts are to be placed directly
above the tunnel and displaced somewhat from the detector halls. The
far shaft should be large enough to accommodate an open space sufficient
to lower completed detector down (about 10 meters). The near shaft
should be no larger than is required for egress and ventilation.

The ceiling of the detector halls is to be about 115 (~300 mwe for
standard rock) meters below the surface well into the dolomite layer.

The far hall is located 1800 meters away from the two reactor cores and
the near detector is 200 meters away (total tunnel length of 1600
meters). The far shaft will be located approximately 20 meters from the
detector hall and the near shaft will be about 150 meters away from the
near hall. The extra distance from the near hall is needed to clear the
electrical switch yard on the surface.

The minimum tunnel cross section is a 7 meter diameter circle.

Each shaft will have a head house with minimal amenities and there will
be a 4000 sq. foot detector assembly building located near the far shaft.

If you have any comments, questions, additions or subtractions please
let me know.


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