MW Reactor theta13 exp. - Dec. 22 meeting

From: Ed Blucher <>
Date: Tue Dec 16 2003 - 10:11:42 CST

Dear Colleagues,

   As discussed, we will have a meeting with video from 9AM - 1 PM (CST) on
December 22. For people in the Chicago area, the 8th floor crossover in
Wilson Hall at Fermilab has been reserved for the meeting. If you would
like to be included in the video conference for the meeting, please
send email to Sheila Cisko <> (the meeting title is
Midwest Reactor Neutrino Experiment). The same arrangements have been made
for the meeting planned for January 17th.
  We will send out an agenda for the meeting later this week. If there
are specific things you would like to present or topics you feel we should
discuss as a group, please send us a message.

                                               Ed and Mike

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